Meredith Gershberg

Meredith is the president and founder of Sleep Tight Colorado.

A Personal Note from Meredith:

Since announcing my decision to form a nonprofit, Sleep Tight Colorado, many friends have asked me where the idea came from and why now.

I have formed Sleep Tight Colorado to honor my aunt, Carol Taxon, of New York City who passed away in January of 2010. She was born and lived her entire life in New York and was active with various charities throughout her life. One charity she was involved with raised money to buy and distribute sleeping bags to the homeless. While I do not recall how long she participated with this group, the idea stuck with me over the years and I see the same need in Colorado.

I was visiting family in November 2010 and upon returning I knew I was ready to take the necessary steps to and make an idea that stuck a reality. With the support of my family and friends STC is now a reality.

Kim Hoff

Kim is an interior designer in Denver and lives in Colorado Springs. She is helping to distribute sleeping bags both in Denver and Colorado Springs to STC Beneficiaries.

Amy Franke

Amy lives and works in Boulder  She is helping to distribute sleeping bags in the Boulder community to STC Beneficiaries.

Brian Hoff

Brian is a former high school English teacher and now is a polygraph tester and debate coach for his former school. He is assisting in STC’s marketing department.

Kellie Bock

Kellie is a nurse in Fort Collins and an avid cyclist and snowboarder. She is helping to distribute sleeping bags in Fort Collins to STC Beneficiaries.

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